Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa

Membership Benefits

Why Become

A Member

The DCAO provides education, collegiality and support for criminal defence lawyers in Ottawa.

We provide high quality continuing legal education for defence lawyers. Along with our annual criminal law conference, the DCAO hosts regular ‘5 O’clock Series’ to update members on new cases, local services and emerging areas of the law. Members can also access LSUC programs at a vastly discounted price.

The DCAO also runs a mentorship program for young lawyers to be matched with more senior lawyers for ongoing support and education.

Members of the DCAO are provided with courthouse security badges for access to the building and to cells.

Who Should Join DCAO

How to Become

A Member

To become a member of the DCAO, one must be a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada in good standing, and have at least a portion of one’s practice in criminal law.


The cost of an annual membership is $100